Shade Control

Elevate Integrated systems collaborates with Architects, Interior Designers and Custom Home Builders to design, engineer, program and install custom window treatments for your home or business.

In Montana, we are blessed with gorgeous blue skies, a large bright sun that warms the earth, full moons that peak over the mountains, and bright stars that twinkle all night. These beauties are just one of the reasons many people decide to stay in Montana, but sometimes in a home, the light from nature can be a little overwhelming, when trying to sleep or enjoy a full theater experience. Shades are programmed to allow you the convenience of opening and closing shades based on your needs. You get to decide when you want to let nature into your home or decide to keep things dark and quiet. Need to darken a conference room for video calls or presentations – just a click allows for full darkness. The controls are in your hands, and the convenience of programming makes these shades optimal for homes and businesses alike.

Elevate Integrated Systems represents the industry’s most popular window treatment selections, and we partner with architects, interior designers, and contractors to design, install, and program custom window treatments. There are many different fabrics and designs to ensure you receive a shade that seamlessly fits into your home.

OUR STYLES INCLUDE: Rollers, Roman, Draperies, Skylights, Blinds, Shutters, Woven Woods ,Exterior Shades.

Now introducing Crestron Color Match technology that allows for full color customization on the best performing, highest quality shades.