Ron Davis Co-Owner

Jarred Brooks Co-Owner

Ron Davis partnered with Jarred Brooks and founded Elevate Integrated Systems in 2017. Ron always had a passion for the best and most advanced technology for convenience and style. After installing premiere lighting systems, sound systems, and fully integrating his own home, Ron wanted to offer the same options to his Tyler Electric clients.  Ron understood combining an electrical contractor with an audio-visual team would provide a great convenience to the homeowners and contractors of Southwest Montana.

Ron moved to Montana back in 2002, after being born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. Ron had a love for the outdoors and the small town feel of Bozeman; he put down roots with his two boys, Tyler and Timothy, and his wife Melinda. Ron enjoys spending time with his family, and their dog Winston.

Ron has a passion for adventure. He typically spends a couple of weeks rafting the Grand Canyon each year and recently completed a 14-day solo kayak journey down the same.  A love for exploring Northern Canada has led to several remote trips near and above the Arctic Circle and a desire to continue exploring this part of North America.

Jarred Brooks is co-owner of Elevate Integrated Systems,  after he partnered with Ron Davis in 2020; because he and Ron share the same goal of building a company that strives to exceed customer’s expectations by relying on hard work and integrity. Jarred has extensive knowledge and experience in the Audio Video Industry including Project Management, Design, and Installation. He continues to expand on his knowledge as the trade is ever changing.

Jarred is a proud veteran of the US Army serving in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, and he brings hard work, diligence, organization, and a great sense of service to Elevate.

Jarred has a passion for the outdoors. He enjoys hiking and camping with his wife and two sons. Jarred also loves the challenge and thrill of hunting in the vast Montana wilderness. Either alone or with his brothers he claims there is nothing quite like hunting in Montana.